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Breastfeeding research can take hours of your time.  As a new mom, spending precious quality time with your baby is so important, especially since those early moments go so quickly. Plenty of websites provide tons of information, but it can take time that you already don't have to sift through everything.

Why is this website different from all of the others?  Glad you asked!  I have combined my personal experience and my years as a researcher to bring you the most relevant information about nursing.

When I first got pregnant, I knew that I wanted to breast feed but I didn't know the first thing about the process.  I started completely from scratch.  I went to every website to read every piece of information that I could find.  What I quickly found was an overload of stuff – and a lot of it wasn't even useful.  I created this website to save you from having to do the same thing.

As a new mom (even if you are still pregnant or if you are a veteran that just needs a refresher) I understand that you are short on time.  That’s why this website is designed to get you what you need quickly and get you back to your baby (or babies)! 

Have you peeked at any of the forums about nursing?  If not, then don't bother!  You can run across some people that are generally helpful but quite a few that scare you into thinking that you can't be successful at feeding your baby without a lot of stress. Well I'm here to prove them wrong!  

Feeding your baby "personalized milk" is such a natural and wonderful experience that you can enjoy for months (or even years depending on your preference).  See the links below or the navigation bar to the left to find any information you need.  Although the process of breastfeeding isn't always quick and easy, getting information about it can be. 

Benefits of Breastfeeding
Not sure if breastfeeding is really worth it? Here you will find out the benefits of breastfeeding and why it is THE best option for feeding your baby!
How to Breastfeed
Questions about breastfeeding? Learn how to breastfeed like a pro!
Breastfeeding Tips
The best breastfeeding tips and tricks right at your fingertips...
Public Breastfeeding Information
Public breastfeeding can be scary and weird, but it doesn't have to be!
Solutions to Breastfeeding Problems
Breastfeeding problems may come up, but don't let that stop you!